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Nikuana Full Package - John K Pe-ta (A5)

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Artist: John K Pe-ta 

Does a love story between a shota and a tanned, tall, muscular and scarred barbarian woman, travelling through a fantasy world sounds interesting? What about three girls competing for the love of their classmate by offering more and more extreme ways to satisfy his throbbing member? Be it their throats, nipples or cervixes' penetration? Or a busty teacher seducing her student with her lustful body until he fills her with his cum in every hole he can find on her body?

If any of that sounded interesting then this book really lives up to its name and delivers a full package as there are even more extreme and hilarious scenes drawn between the pages, in the usual John K. Pe-Ta style, we all love and adore!


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Pages: 216

Condition: Like new

Language: Japanese

Released: 2021-03-10

BK002078 肉穴フルパッケージ

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Black & White
A5 (14,8x21cm/5.8x8in)