1.- How long does a package take to arrive at my address?;

In stock, average time: 7 days.

If all the books you ordered are in our personal shelves, they will be shipped right away, usually 1-3 working days, and then the shipping time which goes from 5 to 10 days as much depending on where you live.

Backorder/reserve, average time: 24 days.

Usually a package from Japan takes around 15 days to arrive to Spain. And another 2-3 days for us to check, prepare and deliver your complete order.

2.- Do I have to pay for customs?


All customs taxes and fees as well as paperwork are handled by us, so rest assured!.

3.- Where is my package shipped from?


Unless you live in the UK, or any other country outside the EU. you may be applied for custom taxes at the moment you receive your package.

4.- Are the books packaged in a discreet way?


All orders are packaged in generic kraft boxes or bubble envelopes. And no, customs never opens or checks what the box contains, since they are books.

5.- Are books used or are they new?

Yes and No.

Most of the books are unsealed, in like-new condition. To be honest with you guys, we bought brand new books and “used” ones many times, and you put them together and you can’t tell which one is which.

6.- Do I have any problem buying these books from my country?


If you check wikipedia here, the only genre that has “law affairs” is lolicon. Yet, nothing has ever happened to any of our customers to those countries mentioned in the wikipedia post.