Japanese Preteen Suite - Higashiyama Show (A5)

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Artist: higashiyama show 

This is the third book by Sho Higashiyama, following his masterpiece "Gift".

It is a series of stories that focuses on six girls, one by one.

There's a bitchy girl who has a relationship with three other girls, a chairwoman who has a relationship with her teacher, a hentai young lady, a younger sister who cheats on her brother, and a girl who has an ass-first relationship

The sister who cheats on her brother, the girl who experiences ass first, and finally the normal girl who is serious.

I think the scenario is very well done, especially when the serious girl at the end gets into the act.


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Pages: 234

Condition: Like new

Released: 2010-04-10

Language: Japanese

Publisher: Akane Shinsha

Imprints: Tenma Comics LO

BK002013 E

Data sheet

More B&W than Color
A5 (14,8x21cm/5.8x8in)