Geki!! Monzetsu Operation - John K Pe-ta (A5)


Artist: John K Pe-ta 

Looking for light-hearted stuff yet still hardcore? Then look no further as John K. Pe-Ta’s works! Hilarious stories with the most extreme and funniest sex scences possible! In this collection are 10, great short stories, like a sister teaching her younger brother how to please his first girlfriend, ending in an eye watering cumshot or the underclassmen trying to seduce her senpai, away from his girlfriend with grabbing onto his cock through her own ass, giving him a handjob while fucking, a feat nobody thought possible before!

There are limitless possibilities in Pe-Ta’s books, always filled with gaping holes, detailed x-ray views, fisting or just milk spraying.


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Pages: 172

Condition: Like new

Language: Japanese

Released: 2005-03-15

BK002072 激!!悶絶

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Black & White
A5 (14,8x21cm/5.8x8in)