Gakuen Rankou ~ Jairou (A5)

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Akashiro Noa, transferring to her new school thought the cute looking underclassmen of hers, who asked her to join his Film Club was nothing out of the ordinary. What she never expected was that the motto of the club; “A passion for capturing a person’s happiness” meant filming them while having sex! She quickly realised the club she joined was a Porn Film Club and the cameras were already rolling, pointed at her!

Jairou has done it again, releasing a long wonder, capturing Noa’s descent into true happiness amongst throbbing cocks. This book has everything for everybody, a staple for Jairou, drawing curvy, busty bodies alongside with lolis and shotas, now focusing on orgies more than ever! They love doing it and you are going to love flipping through the pages of this book!


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Pages: 196

Condition: Like new

Language: Japanese

Released: 2018-08-17

BK000361 学園乱交

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More B&W than Color
A5 (14,8x21cm/5.8x8in)