Dono Ana demo Kimochi Ii - John K Pe-ta (A5)

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Artist: John K Pe-ta

If you have never read any manga from John K then be prepared as you are in for an unbelievable ride of your life! Meet the girls from Pe-Ta’s stories, who can only be described as women blessed with the most flexible, rubber bodies possible… and they are using it to their fullest! The most intense and the most extreme types of sex in each and every story, one upping the previous!

In this collection you are going to see 10 short stories and if you are into prolapse, cervix penetration, fisting and the most ridiculous ahegao faces, then this book is for you! Not to mention the comedic stories that accompany the unbelievable scenes that are a staple of Pe-Ta’s works, you are going to realise it is possible to not just be aroused but made to laugh at the same time!


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Pages: 218

Condition: Like new

Language: Japanese

Released: 2018-05-16

BK002071 どの穴でも気持ちいい

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Black & White
A5 (14,8x21cm/5.8x8in)