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Tamari ni Tamatta Seiyoku Uketomemasu Sensei... - Renji (B5)

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Artist: Renji

Group: Armadillo

This is the original paperback edition printed in Japan.

A limited edition like this may run out of stock any time, so please keep that in mind.

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POV Overview

Sensei is amazing, always keeping us before himself, and always helping us but still, sometimes he goes overboard.

-*Phew* Finally done for the week, and what a week huh? Thanks for the help Yuuka, but try and rest this weekend.


-Oh yeah Yuuka, don’t worry if you need to take more than a weekend, somebody need to unwind and let that pent up frustration go away.

-Sensei I want to talk with you about something. I know how much you work and help us, I also know that you’ve been really horny and this is affecting your work, so please Sensei, you can do whatever you want to me.


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Pages: 40

Condition: Like new

Language: Japanese

Released: 2023-12-31

Convention: Comic Market 103

Fulla name: Tamari ni Tamatta Seiyoku Uketomemasu Sensei no Koto ga Daisukidakara... Seishori Schedule Go-Youi Shimashita

BK004002 溜まりに溜まった性欲受け止めます 先生のことが大好きだから

Data sheet

Black & White
B5 (18x26cm/7x9.8in)