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Netorare Ningyo Zuma no Shiranai Karada - Aho (B5)

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Artist: Aho


This is the original paperback edition printed in Japan.

A limited edition like this may run out of stock any time, so please keep that in mind.

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We met one day along a rocky shore, and it never occurred to me that the tales of a mermaid would be real, but then I saw her, and it was love at first sight.

After a while we grew quite fond of each other, but I still could not be with her, so I threw away my humanity in exchange to be a merman and be by her side.

Even though the world I visualized, destiny came over some time later to show me, that I was only been used by my uncle, now being forced to watch my worst possible nightmare.


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Pages: 58

Condition: Like new

Language: Japanese

Released: 2014-08-17

Convention: Comic Market 86

BK003782 寝取られ人魚妻の知らない体

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Black & White
B5 (18x26cm/7x9.8in)