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Imouto no Oppai ga Marudashi Datta Hanashi - Nakani (B5)

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Artist: Nakani

Group: Supe

Sometimes life is unfair. Sometimes the one you fell in love with is your own brother. What can a girl do in a situation like this? How could one seduce her own elder brother? Well, in this book Nakani is here to tell you exactly how to do that, spiced up by the trademark character expressions that are unique to his works!

In this cute and at the same time hilarious adventure you get a first hand experience how effective in seducing your own brother, two, beautiful breasts are, jiggling and bouncing around in the open, followed by a sloppy and messy deepthroat! This wild combo can conquer any hearts and lets two, loving siblings express their feelings for each other!


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Pages: 36

Condition: Like new

Language: Japanese

Released: 2016-02-14

Convention: Unknown

BK002242 妹のおっぱいがまるだしだ

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Black & White
B5 (18x26cm/7x9.8in)