sex squid hentai tentacle cum koume keito
  • sex squid hentai tentacle cum koume keito

Ika Musumeshi - Koume Keito (B5)

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Koume Keito & Aneko no Techo

Ika is an invader from the sea, but surprisingly, she appears to be leading a normal life and doing everyday things like any other person. However, when some individuals heard rumors of a "sea creature" living among humans, they began devising a plan to force Ika to behave like a true monster. What exactly is their plan?

Having a female employee have sex with her to see if anything changes. The plan was going great until it backfired by another employee of this “secret service”.


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Pages: 28

Condition: Like new

Language: Japanese

Released: 2010-12-31

Convention: Comic Market 79

BK000147 イカむす飯

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Black & White
B5 (18x26cm/7x9.8in)